DBF: International Real Estate Investments


5.6.2009. - 7.6.2009.


We are pleased to invite you to Dubrovnik Lectures in Banking and Finance (DBF), the first world-class executive education program in banking and finance in New Europe. Operating since 2007, DBF brings together some of the worlds leading lecturers with select groups of participants from across the Europe, in order to partake in a unique educational experience.



Course Description and Objectives
Real estate is an increasingly important asset class for investors and households. The current crisis, in an unfortunate way, showed the importance of real estate: bursting of the real estate bubble in the United State trigged the global financial meltdown. In the last decade, real estate cross-border transactions, large-scale international project development, and portfolio and direct investments have surged. In this context, the objective of this course is to provide the analytical tools necessary for understanding, evaluating, and investing in real estate related opportunities, particularly in the emerging economies, In addition, important issues related to the current crisis will be discussed from the point of view of those involved in real estate transactions. Taught by one of the world’s leading experts on real estate investments.

Expected Outcomes
Upon the completion of the course, the participants will be able to:
• Understand the basic analytical structure of real estate markets and real estate investing,
• Identify and understand the management of real estate related risks, such as business risk, financial risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk,
• Understand the interrelationship between real estate and the macro-economy especially in light of the current global financial crisis
• Comprehend the key issues surrounding the negotiations of international real estate deals
• Develop “hands-on” learning from case-studies and simulation of an actual deal making process

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Day 1
• Real estate markets and the Macro-Economy
• Business cycles, Booms and Busts
• The growing importance of real estate securitization
• Financial crisis: causes and consequences for the industry
• Investing in real estate
• DCF modeling
• Pro forma analysis
• Residential, commercial, office, and industrial real estate

Day 2
• Valuation and Appraisal
• Investment Analysis, cap rates, IRR
• Financing Alternatives
• Risk analysis
• Deal structuring
• Examples of real estate deals
• Case: The ABM REIT consolidation

Day 3
• Case: Project Rock-Sogo Tokyo office portfolio
• Guest speaker perspective on regional real estate investment conditons

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Who should attend
Real estate is an integral part of virtually every business enterprise, and of critical importance to the economy’s well-being. This course should be of fundamental interest to:
• Real estate investors
• Real estate developers
• Real estate lenders
• Senior business executives
• Public policy officials
• Senior executives from the government and public sector
• Senior executives from the finance industry

Fee and Aplication: 2,790.00€

Application documents:

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