KES2008 - 12th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems


3.9.2008. - 5.9.2008.

Zagreb, Hotel Westin

The conference will consist of keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, invited sessions and workshops, on the applications and theory of intelligent systems and related areas.

KES2008 - 12th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems



Conference Scope

The scope of the conference includes, but is not restricted by, the following topics:

Generic Topics of Interest

Knowledge-Based Systems, Expert Systems, Cognitive Systems, Neural Networks, Artificial Immune Systems, Fuzzy Techniques and Systems, Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Self organizing and complex systems, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Bayesian Networks, Knowledge Representation and Management, Computational neuroscience, Planning, Spatial & Temporal Reasoning, Knowledge Acquisition.

Intelligent Applications

Industrial Control, Monitoring and Planning, Fault Diagnosis, Robotics, Image Processing, Machine & Computer Vision, Medical & Diagnostic Systems, Financial & Stock Market Monitoring and Prediction, Speech Processing and Synthesis, Natural Language Processing, Environmental Monitoring, Power Electronics & Drives, High Voltage Systems, Engine Control and Vehicle Applications, Signal and Time Series Processing, Wavelets.

Emergent Intelligent Technologies

Pervasive Computing, Context-aware and Affective (Emotional) Computing, Mobile Computing and Systems, Business Intelligence Systems, Human-centred Computing, Intelligent User Interfaces, Cognitive Interfaces, User profiling, Evolvable Hardware, DNA Computing, Immunocomputing, Artificial Life, Bioinformatics using Intelligent & Machine Learning Techniques, Micro array Data Analysis, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Information Agents on the Internet, E-commerce/E-business and E-learning, Semantic Web, Intelligent Web Mining & Applications, Virtual Reality & Multi-Media Intelligent Information Systems, Blind Source Separation. All papers accepted for KES2008 must have significant level of intelligent systems content.

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For registration queries you may email [email protected]
or telephone +44 (0) 207 100 66 88

KES2008 Registration Fees

Early Full registration (KES Member) - By 20 June 08 - 630 Euro
Early Full registration (not KES member) - By 20 June 08 - 710 Euro
Early Student registration (KES Member) - By 20 June 08 - 450 Euro
Early Student registration (not KES member) - By 20 June 07 - 490 Euro
Late full / student registration - After 20 June 08 - 770 Euro

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Accommodation at a conference rate has been arranged with the following hotels (see below for booking instructions):

The Westin Zagreb, Krsnjavoga 1, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Hotel International, Miramarska 24, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia,

Four Points by Sheraton Panorama Zagreb, Trg Sportova 9, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia,

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Sveučilište u Zagrebu


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